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XARIIA revolutionizes the fashion industry by automating the tedious pattern print design process. It swiftly generates distinctive, bespoke designs in seconds using customer input and forecasted data-driven fashion trends.

The Fashion Industry's First And Only Real-Time Print Designer

XARIIA Harnesses the power of generative AI, guaranteeing unparalleled quality, efficiency, and an extraordinary customer journey while streamlining the design process for seamless scalability.

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Trend-Driven Designs

The automated process ensures the generation of high-quality, unique, and custom seamless tiles that match current market demands and trends.

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Cost-Effective & Time-Efficient

The automated process cuts design costs by 80% and achieves a 2880x faster design turnaround time.

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Superior Customer Experience

The automated process ensures seamless customer experience with instant design communication, generation, and visualization.

Results Achieved by Utilizing

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User Friendly Interface

That offers an intuitive platform for customers to effortlessly convey their design input.

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Generative AI

That’s capable of rapidly generating print designs based on customer input and forecasted data-driven fashion trends by integrating data analysis into XARIIA's AI.

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Design Visualizer

That allows customers to view the generated designs in real-time via interactive 2D, 3D mockups and augmented reality.

Solution As A

Design Tool

XARIIA provides monthly print-generation packages for fashion designers, houses, and textile manufacturers, allowing them to generate and download custom prints for their own product lines that are tailored to their design needs and market segment through a platform panel. This helps to reduce design process turnaround time and cost (development, design, OPS, HR), giving our customers a slight competitive advantage in an ever-changing and competitive market.

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Plug & Play API

XARIIA provides its AI as an API ingratiation for other brands' online platforms to generate custom pattern print designs for their silhouettes and customers, increasing their sales and margins, including fashion brands, custom fashion brands, video games, metaverse worlds, and print-on-demand manufacturers.

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Fashion eCommerce

XARIIA provides enthusiasts with custom fashion solutions by generating and adding custom pattern print designs to the large selection of physical, digital, and phygital garments sold on the platform. We cater to the physical and digital fashion markets (including Metaverse fashion, video game fashion, and screen wear).


XARIIA envisions revolutionizing the pattern print design process in the fashion industry, making exceptional designs accessible and affordable to a global audience. Our paramount goal is to ensure simplicity and user-friendliness throughout the entire creative journey. By doing so, we strive to empower fashion enthusiasts worldwide and usher in a new era of design accessibility and affordability.

Resource Efficiency & Waste Reduction

XARIIA's clients use on-demand digital printing to manufacture their garments, which uses resources more efficiently and effectively, reducing the amount of electricity, water, and other resources required and making the process more sustainable, minimizing the environmental impact of the fashion industry, cutting textile waste, and reducing the amount of unsold inventory that typically ends up in landfills.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

XARIIA promotes digital fashion, which is 96% more sustainable than traditional luxury goods due to the absence of physical transportation, which reduces the amount of packaging and other materials used. This strategy may also aid in reducing the environmental impact of fashion shows and other events, which typically require massive amounts of energy and materials.

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